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Overwatch is a first-person shooter video game played between teams of six. Personally, I like the set-up of the game because it was very well thought of. First, you get to choose from the amazing selection of heroes depending on your type of character. You get to personify your imagination.

I myself loved Tracer, She is my favorite character because I like attacking. She is very agile and equipped with amazing firepower that can deal heavy damages to opponents but unluckily she has low health which I don’t like very much.

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When I began playing Overwatch, I was not very good at it but in the game, you can practice the skills and moves of every character. You can also practice playing against AI on every map that you wanted. I did a lot of experimentation until I was able to match up against other players. It needs persistence in order to rise above the rankings. Through constant playing with my friends, we were able to gradually climb up the ladder.

Another thing I like in Overwatch is that you can customize the game. You can set your own rules, conditions, actions, etc. and only allow situations or circumstances that you prefer which is very amazing.

At the end of every game, you can also review the performances of your teammates as well as your opponents and you can endorse deserving players either shot caller, a good teammate or even congratulate you, opponent. When you perform well, you will get endorsements to a certain level and there will be rewards for maintaining it. Playing Overwatch brings us closer to each other.

I get to communicate with my friends through this game and we even schedule meeting to talk on our strategy on the game on how we can improve our approach and tactics when dealing with different types of enemies in the different maps etc.


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